A Frustrating Fathers Day

I did say things at the car wash can get down right ridiculous.  Here is a cracking example!

After having most of the day off to spend with my daughter, I came back to the car wash for the last hour to close it down.  Staff were steady away guiding cars into the wash so I kept out their way.  This was until a customer came round to complain about the quality of their wash…

After investing £10 for the top wash they received the usual pre wash with cleaners and jet wash before going through the machine.  However here are the things the customer was not happy with;

  • Suncream hand prints over the bodywork
  • Iron particles on the roof and bonnet
  • Heavy break dust build up on the hubcaps

The customer was advised that these were not things that and automated car wash can deal with.  They would need to be dealt with by hand with the relevant chemicals and polishes to do so as safely as possible.  She was even offered a bargain of a price to have this dealt with. However, this was not the answer she was looking for.  This was her response;

“Absolute rubbish. Your colleague took them time on the car in front to make sure it was clean.  I will tell you exactly why he did not bother to clean my car properly… It is because I’m a women!”

It takes quite a lot to leave me speechless but this one left me just that.  I had no idea that such a draconic belief still existed! Even after being told that our customer base is a majority women.  Nevermind the fact that the car in front of her was driven by a female.

But hey! I suppose you do get them.  I hope all you Fathers out there had an amazing fathers day!


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